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Nobody’s Girl

by Barbara Amaya

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Sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug addiction, rape, prison, and domestic violence—Barbara Amaya experienced it all on the streets of New York, most of it before her sixteenth birthday. In Nobody’s Girl she shares her journey from trafficking victim to human rights advocate, weaving together a story of loss, pain, courage, and transformation.”Barbara Amaya has a powerful story to tell, as a survivor of human trafficking she feels a responsibility to empower others with her story of overcoming adversity.” -Holly Smith, survivor advocate author of Walking Prey“Human Trafficking is actually a Human Tragedy, it is the responsibility of those who triumphed over this tragedy to till the soil, water the soil, shine our light on the soil and watch Gods garden of overcomer’s grow strong roots and thrive! Barbara Amaya fulfills this responsibility in her book Nobody’s Girl.” -Marian Hatcher, Project Manager, Human Trafficking Coordinator, Cook County Sheriff’s Office“Barbara Amaya’s story is both terrifying and inspiring, and all too prevalent. Her story, her words matter to the world and should be heard by many to educate, enlighten and make change.” –Christine Stark, author of Nickels: A Tale of Disassociation“This book tells an incredible story that shouldn’t be missed.  Barbara Amaya is an amazing human being who tells a story that touches the very depths of human existence.  Don’t miss this book – it will touch your heart and bring you to places that you need to know about in this life.” -Dr. Fred Bemak, Professor and Director of the Diversity Research and Action Consortium, George Mason University

“In Nobody’s Girl, Barbara Amaya tells a gripping story about child sex trafficking and abuse, and of a life reclaimed — her own.  She shares her story with unflinching honesty, intelligence, verve and, yes, wit, challenging many common assumptions, misconceptions and myths that people have about the sexual exploitation of children in particular and the trafficking of human beings in general. Everyone who cares about children, social justice and human dignity should read this book and take action, like Barbara has done, to prevent what happened to her from happening to others.” –Kay Chernush, Founder/Director, ArtWorks for Freedom

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